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Card Printer Servicing and Repair

In the unlikely event of your Javelin, Zebra, Eltron or CIM card printer failing in service and outside its warranty period, we're happy to inspect it and to subsequently repair it. Often, we find they just need a thorough clean to bring them back to top performance.

Javelin Inspection

An inspection fee is charged to assess the work required to repair the printer and to prepare a repair quotation. The inspection fee must be acknowledged before any work can begin. We email you the repair quotation. You must confirm acceptance of the charges and issue a purchase order before any repair work can begin. If after one month the work is not ordered, we'll return the printer.

Javelin Clean and Service

The clean and service includes the following items:
  • Replace any worn belts and rollers
  • Replace ribbon reflector if damaged
  • Check that the card feeder motor assembly is secured
  • Thoroughly clean the card transport path (tracks and platen rollers)
  • Clean and test the magnetic head and rollers (if encoder fitted)
  • Check and adjust all sensors
  • Test all motors
  • Check all belts for correct tension and either adjust or replace as necessary
  • Check the pressure roller for correct tension and adjust if necessary
  • Check and adjust the input gate
  • Realign the print head, peel-bar, angle and bias where necessary
  • Upgrade firmware to the latest version
  • Replace small items (screws, washers etc) where necessary
  • Effect any minor adjustments and repairs
  • Tighten any loose items
  • Replace cleaner roller (210/310/420/520/720)
  • Clean case and effect minor repairs if necessary
  • Full test with plain white cards .30mil (unless instructed otherwise)
  • Full test with magnetic stripe cards (if encoder fitted)
  • Self test and test from PC application

Servicing and Repair Prices

Currency:  GBP | USD | EUR
Product Code Description Price (Exc VAT) Quantity
Javelin card printer inspection JAVINSP Javelin card printer inspection Our Price: £75.00
Javelin clean and service JAVCLEAN Javelin clean and service Our Price: £120.00
Have your printer collected (by courier) in a proper carton or rugged box JAVCOLLECT Have your printer collected (by courier) in a proper carton or rugged box Our Price: £45.00
J310/J420 USB upgrade kit fitted during a service USBUPGRADE J310/J420 USB upgrade kit fitted during a service Our Price: £75.00
J310/J420 replacement power supply SPRJ310PSU J310/J420 replacement power supply Our Price: £139.00